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Scorpio In Pisces

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Baby, I'm a mess

I've got words for you tonight

So let me explain

I can't look you in the eyes


Maybe I was lost

Before cupid struck my soul

I hope you'll hear me out

And understand my role


Maybe I'm not right and I should stay until tomorrow

I'm a little rough and worse for wear

If you could look right through these sharp and pointed edges

Then you would see that I'm trying to repair


Baby I confess

I got a little scared last night

And I don't understand

Because we didn't even fight


You took my breath away

When you first looked in my eyes

And if I said I didn't care

You'd know that it's a lie


But I'm a lost and wandering dreamer

And I don't know if this is where I should stay

Yeah the world has broken and burned me

And I don't know if you can love me this way


Darling - Don't call me darling

Baby - Unless you're mine

Honey - You'll have to promise

Don't swim away - Don't sting my heart!

My love - Your love?

Until the end - The end of time?

I promise - Don't promise

But I mean it - Then I’ll believe it


Maybe this is right - and you should stay with me forever

But we're a little rough and worse for wear

If you could look right through - I love your sharp and pointed edges

And all that really matters... is I love you.


Lyrics and music ©2015 Adam Josh & Désirée.