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My Angel (Texas Demo 2011)

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Adam Josh


When I gave all I could to exit this life and I've poured out my soul as I gazed in your eyes. All my faults lay before you, as no one repaired. I've been useless for months now, us orphans get scared. Found this shell in a graveyard, I held to the past, with a fist of dead flowers that were bloodied by glass, I was tired from heartache and curled on the ground. Tears are like makeup when no one's around. And the fog was so heavy I barely had breath, I was broken and hopeless, embracing my death, and your presence was noticed, I felt a collapse, your heart it was open, your hand crossed my back, you said calm, love calm. You are my angel, spread your wings, hold me close.

You held me in close, and wiped all my tears. Speaking peace to a heartache, you calmed all my fears, and you showed me compassion like I never knew, now I sleep in your arms as I pull close to you you say calm, love calm, you are my angel, spread your wings, hold me close.