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I Can't Do This Anymore

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Adam Josh


I can't do this anymore

Falling asleep at a quarter to three
I'll have a couple of shots and that'll do it for me
I'll write a couple of lines or sort a couple of lines
Face first to the glass - still feeling fine

I'll wake up on this floor then I'll start it again
Yeah there's no one to stop me cuz' nobody can
And I'm doing my worst at being a man
I'm wasting this life and I know I am

And I can see it just fine, it's like a thousand degrees 
of burning up my heart right until I leave
And nobody listens and everyone leaves
Now nobody moves and nobody breathes

So everyone look - I've got a loaded gun
pointed at you all while I'm blinded by sun
While I'm looking for faith while I'm looking for fun
While I'm looking for truth
and I'm finding there's none

There's so many things that I wanted to do
I keep telling myself I've gotta' get over you
I've gotta' get out the way
I've gotta' learn how to dive
I've gotta' learn how to listen
Gotta' learn how to lie

I'm gunna' change these stripes and I'll prove it to you
I'm gunna' do all the things that I said I would do
This is a promise, this isn't a song
That this was a man and he's given his all

I can't do this anymore