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Recording Progress


Well, I'm almost done all the demos as of today, and I'm now seriously shopping for a place to record. Check this guy out, he seems to really have a good feel for the acoustic sound. I'm talking with him and a few others about recording the new CD. I've also started second guessing the title for the CD .... you tell me... Autumn Leaves, or The Art of Falling Apart? Not too sure. So... to sum up... Off I go to the recording Studio.

Autumn Leaves


Well, its been 2 months since I announced here that I am working on a new CD. I sit here in my office, sunburnt, lobster red and sore from my weekend of fun at the beach - to tell you that its going ok. I have 10 songs that I officialy WANT on the CD. So we're good. I think I'll wait till I have 12 or 13 though. Wont be much longer till the demo is complete. As far as recording goes.... I'll record them myself as usual, but.. after that I am going to take them to a studio and re-record the whole album. This is the plan, at least. Justine's studio is out of the question now... for a variety of reasons. Suffice it to say - I wont be recording Autumn Leaves at Justine Vickerys place. Thats about all I have to say. The CD will feature songs such as : A Chaos In Fire, I'll Wait, Hollywood Afterburn, Everclear, Alone, and Oh We're Worth It. YaY!

I Went To England


I took a trip to the UK. Here is two vids that I made to sum up my trip.

I backed some of the video up over at ACIDplanet, just incase...


New CD


Well, you guessed it! Ive decided to torture myself yet again! I have a little over half the songs I need for the new CD which will be titled Autumn Leaves. Im hoping to record the songs in Justine Vickery's Studio, although we havent talked about it much heheeh. Justine is an accomplished acoustic musician, and I suggest you google her to find out more if you are interested. Since Halo Engage was put on the market this year Im not in any hurry to record all these songs however, like I said earlier I already have over half in demos. If you like where my music is headed then you will definately enjoy the CD. Some of the songs will be available in Preview here under the MUSIC link for your auditory pleasure.

Halo Engage For Sale


Today I uploaded Halo Engage and my first CD, Songs About Home up to a distributors site. Click on the "MUSIC" tab and check it out. YaY!